Great India Pipes is an independent steel pipe company having its operations in all major parts of India. Since its incorporation in 1991, Great India Pipes has grown rapidly as a respectful and dedicated company.

Great India Pipes is proud of its reputation as an ethical company with a dynamic, can-do attitude. In every situation, from large corporate negotiations to face-to-face dealings with the local community, the Company strives to achieve outcomes which benefit all parties.

In order to achieve this Great India Pipes has a set of core values by which all employees are encouraged to operate. These values form a guiding philosophy for the Company, and they are an integral part of the corporate culture: part of what makes Great India Pipes a great Indian company.

Great India Pipes Vision

To build a truly great Indian company that is a fantastic place to work, makes the world a better place and delivers outstanding returns. A company our families are all proud of.