• Do the Right Thing – We are honest and fair in all our dealings and courageous in making hard decisions that support our business goals. Our decisions and actions will make our families proud.
  • Strive for Business Excellence – We challenge ourselves to be efficient and effective with available resources. We seek improvement and embrace change.
  • Work as a Team – Working together to meet challenges and develop solutions, we actively engage and support our people and understand and value the contribution of others.
  • Think win-win – The people and organisations we engage with will benefit fairly. We give every opportunity a go and think long-term with respect to the relationships we cultivate and nurture.
  • Indomitable Spirit – Our people are resilient. We approach challenges with courage and passion.
  • Work Safely – We consider the safety aspect of everything we do. Employees own their own safety and well being, in and out of work.

Great India Pipes Vision

To build a truly great Indian company that is a fantastic place to work, makes the world a better place and delivers outstanding returns. A company our families are all proud of.